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swiftwater rescue

Preparation, Pre-plan contributes to safe boating

Boat safe. Be prepared One of the mainstays when approaching any rescue centers on the “K.I.S.S” theory: Keep it simple and safe. As rescue efforts unfold adhering to this...

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technical rope rescue

Knots Knots Knots: The Directional 8 (in-line 8)

Directional Figure 8  The Directional 8 or in line 8 is one of several knots in the family of eights. It is tied in the middle of a line for an attachment point intended to bear a...

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wilderness first aid

Hypothermia: kicking the cold

Weather and water can be unpredictable, and often paddlers are caught off-guard by an unexpected storm or an unplanned swim.  With cold related problems, good prevention is key,...

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sierra rescue blog

Patagonia: Sierra Rescue visits the Futaleufu

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Chile and got to spend a few weeks on the Futaleufu river in Patagonia. My wife and I joined up with a commercial trip through BioBio...

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