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swiftwater rescue

Access: 2 point river board

Access is paramount to the success of many swiftwater rescue incidents, but getting there is often challenging and risky. Pin-point access to a location using tag lines from both...

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technical rope rescue

Knots Knots Knots: The Directional 8 (in-line 8)

Directional Figure 8  The Directional 8 or in line 8 is one of several knots in the family of eights. It is tied in the middle of a line for an attachment point intended to bear a...

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wilderness first aid

Wilderness First Aid: Get Your Outdoor Emergency Training

Do you work or play in the great outdoors? Are you prepared to respond to an accident or emergency that you might encounter? Whether you’re hiking, biking, climbing or involved...

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sierra rescue blog

Technical Rope Rescue at Donner Summit

Fall is in the air and what better way to spend a week than playing with ropes in a technical rope training  on Donner summit. With the King fire looming close at hand at rapidly...

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