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swiftwater rescue

SRT-1 with Thai Fire

Swiftwater rescue  not only crosses international  borders, but language barriers too. I was fortunate enough to spend a few days last week working with 4 fire fighters...

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technical rope rescue

TRR Skill:  Purcell Prussik Building

A set of Purcell Prusiks is one of the handiest tools available to the rescuer. It has multiple uses, the primary one being to serve as an ascending/descending means...

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wilderness first aid

Wilderness First Aid: Get Your Outdoor Emergency Training

Do you work or play in the great outdoors? Are you prepared to respond to an accident or emergency that you might encounter? Whether you’re hiking, biking, climbing or involved...

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sierra rescue blog

SRT-A in Truckee, CA

We braved the early winter weather that came through the Sierra Nevada this week, and had a great few days training on the Truckee River and the surrounding mountains.  We had two...

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