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Technical Rope Rescue in Knights Ferry

How does Sierra Rescue do it?  One would expect that February in the foothills of Central California would be cold and possibly raining.  Most of the time they would be right but this year during our Technical Rope Rescue course in Knights Ferry, CA we were lucky enough to have 70 degree sunny days the entire duration of the course.  The day after the course ended  the Sierra foothills were hit with a low level (less than 1000 ft) snow storm that closed many roads and brought temperatures down to the low 30’s during the day.

The course itself went really well.  We  had 2 students for the operation level course and 3 for the Technician level course.  The smaller than average numbers gave our students time for more hands on experience and one on one training with the instructor.   Our small course numbers also presented some unique challenges.  One of those challenges was how to fill the multiple positions necessary to run a safe and effective highline with only 3 students.  Our students accepted the challenge and our highline operation ended up being  one of the smoothest scenarios I have run with students so far.  Thank You goes out to all who were involved.  I will see you all back soon for future courses.   -DL 02/13

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