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Technical Animal Rescue Course

Practicing animal rescue out of a tree

I am extremely excited about our new Technical Animal Rescue course; also known as the Animal Rescue Technician course. The new curriculum takes all levels of technical rope and swiftwater rescue skills into consideration. Because of the skills of the Del Mar Lifeguards, our course includes some advanced swiftwater rescue skills.  We were able to rescue dogs...

Horse Rescue/ 2011 AERC

Horse Rescue/ 2011 AERC

The following article is reprinted from Endurance News magazine, monthly publication of the nonprofit American Endurance Ride Conference, www.aerc.org, 866-271-2372.  The rescue was executed on an incredible endurance ride called Mendocino Magic and is written by the ride manager, with an afterword by Dr. Melissa Ribley. Everything about this rescue has a...

Animal Rescue: Hypothermic Horse

Hypothermia is a major concern for rescuers working with animals in Technical Animal Rescue. Read this amazing article about Animal Rescue considerations for hypothermia!

Large Animal Rescue Paper

Large animals can have a value to their owners as an investment, income, or sentimental value. Thus, an owner may put themselves at risk trying to rescue their animal, and it is because of this that specialized methods, equipment, and training has been developed to protect both the owner and animal. Large animal rescue is nothing new, today however, techniques...