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58 Rescue Squadron SRT-1 SRT-A with U.S.A.F Para-rescue

I look forward to these classes very much. The PJs are an adventurous group of young men faced with active duty deployment Search and Rescue missions for the United States Air Force all over the world. I have the utmost respect for these guys and the job they do. This group was no exception. With 6-days to train we had ample time  to cover the course material. Trust me when I say that I really have to work hard to keep challenging them. But we did it, and had a great SRT/SRT-A combination course.

From High-lines to canals, low-heads to Class-IV whitewater, we did it all… and then some. Talk about effecient. This group from Nellis set the record for fastest set-up of a fully functional high-line mid-point drop.











We finished the high-line before lunch and that gave us the afternoon for Canal Rescue in a canal. Let me reiterate how difficult it is to self rescue from a canal. Myself and one of the 10 PJs were able to get out of the canal unassisted. The top of the canal walls were out of reach for everyone else. Flow was constant but nothing crazy, but with nothing to grab onto, you’re stuck in the canal. It was a very eye opening experience for everyone.

Canal Rescue










I recruited some local raft guides to be victims in the night search and rescue mission. The scenario went really well and it was quite the sight to see 10 orange glow sticks and flashlight beams navigating the banks of highway rapid. We finished up the last day of the course with another high-line (another speed record). This high-line was used with boat on a tether was up and running in 25 minutes. We then took the boat off the high-line and used tag lines Kiwi style for 2-point, and 3-point control of the raft about a half-mile upstream.


It was a great training. Thank you to the 58th. Hope to see you guys back in training soon! ZB 6.8.13